AePS Aadhaar Banking

At Xettle Technologies we fully support the government's drive towards financial literacy in India through the Aadhaar banking services. With Xettle, customers can access Cash Withdrawals, Balance Enquiries, Mini-Statements, Aadhaar Pay, and Cash Deposits. The customers and rural retailers are the beneficiaries of our Aadhaar banking services. Retailers are paid based on the number of sales made, meaning they have an extra source of income and improve the availability of funds in their regions.


Benefits of Xettle's AePS Services

Dedicated Customer Support

Get the advantage of round-the-clock customer support and be assured that all your questions and concerns are addressed instantly.

High Commission

Receive competitive commissions for each transaction, which will help you increase your revenues.

Easy Cash Withdrawal

Enjoy seamless and hassle-free cash withdrawals, making it convenient for you to access funds whenever needed.

Why Choose Xettle for AePS Services?

Comprehensive Service Range: We offer all the basic banking needs ranging from cash deposits to balance inquiries among other services.

User-Friendly Technology: The platform is easy to navigate to make it easily accessible for all customers including those in rural areas.

Enhanced Security: Security measures are put in place to ensure that your transactions and personal details are secure.


Choose Xettle Technologies now and take your business to new heights with our outstanding AEPS solutions. Get attractive high commissions, professional customer support, and fast cash withdrawals for your financial operations.