Micro ATM:

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Micro ATM service provided by Xettle allows merchants to provide all the basic functions of an ATM and thus increase financial inclusion. It is cost effective for the merchants and customers, especially in rural areas making it a suitable solution.

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Xettle's Micro ATM Services

Micro ATM (mATM) is a portable handheld device that allows users to withdraw cash and check their bank account balances, just like a traditional ATM. Xettle Micro ATMs are especially useful in areas where bank ATMs are scarce, making cash withdrawals more accessible and convenient for customers, particularly in rural and Tier 2,3 areas. By leveraging our mATM services, countless Indian retailers are experiencing significant growth in both their income and business.


Benefits for Merchants

  • Low setup costs
  • Attractive commissions on each transaction
  • Increased foot traffic and business growth
  • Simple installation and operation

Why Choose Xettle's Micro ATM?

  • Portable device for cash withdrawals and balance checks
  • Ideal for areas with limited ATM access
  • Boosts income for Indian retailers
  • Serves customers in rural and Tier 2,3 areas

Advantages for Customers

  • Convenient access to cash withdrawals
  • Easy balance inquiries
  • Reduced travel time to find ATMs
  • Available at local, trusted merchants

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Grow your enterprise and offer basic banking products to your people. Get in touch with us to find out how you can become a Xettle-affiliated merchant and begin offering Micro ATM services.