Payout Solutions

In the current world economy, the payment system is a vital component of the business environment. Xettle Technologies has efficient payout solutions for single and multiple transactions. It deals with customer payments and vendor/employee disbursements, thus easing your company's financial management.

Why Choose Xettle's Payout Solutions?

Seamless API Integrations

Simplify your payment processing with ease. Scale your operations without added complexity.

Real-Time Monitoring

All payments are recorded in real-time with the help of our convenient control panel. Acquiring useful information to help in decision-making.

Automated Disbursements

Simplify payments for the vendors and employees. Improve effectiveness and decrease paperwork.

Customized payment Option


Ensure timely payments to sellers and vendors. Build trust and satisfaction among your partners. Gradually increase the size of your platform as the number of transactions increases. Minimize the chances of human interference and mistakes in payment procedures.


Payroll Services

Provide payment frequencies that would be favorable to the employees. Accept multiple forms of payment (direct deposit, prepaid card, digital wallet). Reduce the complexity of payroll management, legal requirements, and documentation. Enhance the satisfaction of the employees through the provision of reliable and flexible payment methods


Ready to choose Xettle For Your Payment Operations?

Contact our team of specialists today to learn how Xettle's payouts can transform your business. Become one of the many businesses thriving with the help of Xettle's sophisticated payout services and elevate your financial management.