Customer Grievances Policy

In today's competitive era and constantly evolving business, we at Xettle take pride in keeping our customers at the centre of all our strategies and initiatives and are committed to deliver best in class customer services to all our existing and new customers at all times.

As a service organization we promote "Excellence in Delivery" and hence feedback from our valued customers forms an integral part of all decisions taken by the organization. The feedback provided by our customers is treated as an asset to the organization, evaluated and customized to improve our products and services.

This policy document aims at communicating the various mechanisms available for our customers to reach out to us, our service guarantee and timelines by which we will try and ensure resolution to our customer concerns.

Our Principles

  • Customers remain the Key focus for all initiatives and strategies developed at Xettle.
  • "Delighted" customers are a necessity for business growth and survival.
  • Our Customers and their Feedback is treated as the most valuable asset for the organization, forming the foundation for development and innovation.
  • We endeavour to simplify our customers life through our innovations and product offerings.
  • Constantly evolve and invest in our grievance redressing systems for a seamless service delivery.

Our Promise

  • All grievances will be dealt with, timely and courteously.
  • We promise to resolve any or all issues faced by our customers effectively and within the communicated time frame.
  • All Service Level Agreements and turnaround time for each third party transaction would be published on our website.

The company has a dedicated Customer Engagement Centre under the Customer Service Department (CSD) to manage customer queries and ease out grievances if any.

We Value your Feedback

All customers have the right to share their feedback or complaint in case they find our services are not meeting their expectations or are dissatisfied with any interaction with any of our staff members.

The Customers can send in their Queries, Requests or Complaints in the following ways:

These mechanisms are dedicated for redressing our customer complaints, providing online resolution wherever possible, and capturing valuable feedback regarding our services.

On receiving customer feedback, our executives would reach out to the customers and ensure that all grievances are redressed within a predefined Service Level Agreement as communicated below.

If the complaint is not resolved within the given timelines or the response is unsatisfactory the customer can choose to escalate the concern to our level 2 escalation officer, with relevant details such as Complaint Reference Number provided at the time of raising the initial complaint. The escalation methodology is mentioned in this policy under the Escalation Section.

For the purpose of this Grievance Policy, (i) an end-customer who will be purchasing of goods /services from the merchants by making payment via different payment instrument is defined as a ('Customer'); (ii) a merchant ('Merchant') shall be a user of Xettle Services for accepting various payment instruments from the Customers for completion of their payment obligation.

Grievance Redressal

Xettle has formulated an escalation matrix to assure that the Customer grievances are routed and addressed in a proper and reasonable manner. The Customer is requested to read and understand the below escalation matrix to ensure a timely redressal of their grievances.

Level 1-

Customer can visit Xettle Contact page ( Contact and refer to specific query/issue related to their grievance. The Customer can fill up form for specific issue to report their grievance. Xettle shall respond to the grievance filed by the Customer within 24 hrs.

If the Customer is not satisfied with the response provided, the Customer can go for next level of escalations.


Type of IssueDetailsEmail IdTAT
1Txn issue & statusTxn issues at technical level reported by merchant , issues.Transaction status of the transactioncare@xettle.net24 hrs
2Refund/status issuesRefund status of the transactionscare@xettle.net24 hrs
3Payout/Settlement related issuePayout status for merchants, customer txnscare@xettle.net24 hrs
4Payment optionsPayment Options working or notcare@xettle.net24 hrs
5Merchant communicationsSchedule/Unscheduled downtimes -bank /Portals /txnscare@xettle.net24 hrs

Level 2-

In case the Customer wishes to further escalate the grievance, the Customer can get the grievances registered by Xettle shall attempt to respond within 3 days from the date of the on which grievance was filed. The Customer may request for update on grievance in case if any grievance requires more than the specified time period and the Customer shall be kept updated on the status of the grievance. If the Customer is not satisfied with the response provided, the Customer can go for next level of escalations.

Complaint regarding Customer Order :

Case 1

In case the Customer does not receive the services/products even after the stipulated time period or if the products received are different, defective or damaged, then the Customer should visit the Merchant website and refer to the terms & conditions, shipping policy, refund/exchange/ return/cancellation policy and contact the Merchant to resolve the issue.

The Customer can initiate communication directly with the Merchant to resolve issues pertaining to a specific order through Merchant's Website under the contact us (email or call support) option. The Customer can share the details of the transaction such as date of transaction, amount of transaction, Order ID shared by the Merchant, description of the problem with the Merchant.

Case 2

In case the Customer do not get a satisfactory response or Merchant does not respond to Customer’s emails & phone calls within 7 working days from the date of transaction made by the Customer, then the Customer can contact Xettle to mediate and amicably resolve the issue. The Customer may provide Xettle with the following details :

  • Date of transaction
  • Amount of transaction
  • Transaction ID.
  • Order ID
  • Description of the problem
  • Details of email communication with the Merchant

Once a complaint is raised, the Xettle Risk Team would respond to the issue as per the timeline specified in escalation matrix under Customer Grievance Policy.

In the event, the Customer is not satisfied with Merchant's response then the Customer can raise a chargeback with its issuing bank as a second option. These chargebacks will be raised with Xettle by the Customer's issuing bank and Xettle shall assist to amicably resolve the issue.

Case 3
Cancellation/Refunds/ Returns :

In cases of queries related to the cancellation of Orders/Refunds/Returns the Customer should directly contact the Merchant and follow instructions as specified in the return/refund/ cancellation policy on the Merchant Website. Please note that since Xettle is a payment platform, Xettle only facilitate online payments for Merchants. Xettle do not handle shipping or order dispatch.

In cases of failed transaction, order not generated at the time of transaction on Merchant's Website or refund is initiated, then the Customer should get the credit in its bank account within 5-7 business days. In case the Customer has not received the amount, the Customer has to contact the Merchant for further details, as the refunds are initiated from Merchant's end.

In case the Merchant declines to process the refund to the Customer for cases where services/products were not delivered by the Merchant, the Customer may contact Xettle for resolution on the same.

Case 4
Reporting potential fraud or unauthorized transactions or fraudulent Merchant :

The Customer can immediately write to the Nodal Officer with respect to the transaction that was not authorized by the Customer or reporting about the fraudulent Merchant with a subject line “Reporting Fraud”. The Customer also has an option to raise a chargeback for such unauthorized transaction.

Note: The abovementioned cases are more specifically available over Xettle Contact Page

Chargeback is the return of funds to a customer, initiated by the issuing bank of the payment mode used by a consumer. Chargeback is a dispute against a particular transaction raised by the cardholder (end-user) and reported to their card issuing bank. A chargeback is a provision by banks and card networks such as Visa & MasterCard to protect Customers from unauthorized or fraudulent payments. Once the cardholder files a complaint, the bank reports the same to Xettle and initiates an investigative procedure.